Flag football scores a touchdown

As a result of COVID-19, the London Minor Football Association (LMFA) called an audible in 2020 and ran a new flag football program at Citywide Park – with strict health and safety protocols in place. The result? A big success and a lot of fun for hundreds of youngsters.

The 300 players who took the field at Citywide Park for the first week of the LMFA’s new flag football program were all winners. Just getting to play, stay active with their friends, and having fun was in itself a big win in 2020.

Teams were assigned to one of seven ‘pods’ across the three age divisions – in accordance with Football Canada and government rules. Each pod was limited to 50 players and coaches. Teams played five-on-five flag football ensuring lots of space on the field and lots of touches of the ball for everyone. As well, every team practiced twice a week to learn football skills that will prepare them for the return to tackle football in the future. Only by working hard in practice can a good athlete become a great football player.

Information on our Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14 age divisions can be found on our website. We will also post details in early 2021 for our winter skills camps (if indoor skills camps are permitted in winter 2021).
Please visit www.lmfafootball.ca or call 519-852-4465 for more information.


Submitted by London Minor Football Association and photos by Sharon Brooks Seybold