Embracing multi-sport athletes

Garin Roles of the Bulldogs peewee team makes a fantastic catch during LMFA action

For over 60 years, the London Minor Football Association (LMFA) has focused its house league football on teaching young players teamwork and sportsmanship while keeping active in the fall. With the football season neatly sandwiched between summer (lacrosse, baseball, and soccer) and winter (hockey, basketball, and volleyball), our players can play and benefit from multiple sports.

Studies have shown that young athletes who specialize in one sport may have an increased risk of social isolation, anxiety, and burnout, which can ultimately lead to them leaving sports altogether.

Young athletes are more likely to stay interested longer if they are always learning new skills. As well, using the same muscles repeatedly for a long time can lead to serious injury. By playing different sports, players stress different muscles throughout training, which improves overall strength and conditioning.

Multi-sport athletes display improved health and wellness, motivation, confidence, and creativity – not to mention, playing for the sake of the game and having some good, old-fashioned fun.

LMFA games are played on the turf fields at Citywide Park and the new 1Password park in St. Thomas. The season runs from mid-August to the end of October.

Please visit or call 519-852-4465 for more information on joining a team this fall!

Submitted by London Minor Football Association