Efficient on-ice training

Snipe Academy is going on ice. We hear two complaints all the time about on-ice training: a lack of correction and the issue of getting players with kids of similar ability.

The first complaint stems from the expensive cost of ice time, which forces large numbers of kids onto the ice. No matter how good a coach is, it’s tough to follow up and correct kids properly when there are 20 to 30 kids on the ice at once. Our solution is simple: We’re dividing the register ice into sections (similar to what Hockey Canada has done with the IP program). This allows one coach to work with a maximum of 8 to 9 kids. These small ratios have already benefited so many at Snipe Academy, and now we can take it on ice and work on edges, speed, and puck control.

On the second complaint (getting players with kids of similar ability), the question is this: We do it with 5 or 6 different levels of hockey, so why not training? Well, because you have to fill the ice sessions. At Snipe, the small groups will allow us to fill our ice times. This means, for instance, that when we have a AA/AAA group, that’s who is in the group. We do get parents who want their kids playing with kids who will ‘push’ them. But this doesn’t always work, as sometimes kids lose confidence or get intimidated. At Snipe, where you play now defines where you train with us. Want to get to the next level? We will help.

Our ice will be done in two ways:

  • Our 8-week program

At Snipe Academy, you are guaranteed no more than 9 players in a group. Those that train a lot with us know that our coaches get to know their players and their strengths and weaknesses. This is what develops players over time. Our 8-week morning sessions will allow coaches to know your kids. With a small group, and one pro coach, the development will be second-to-none.

  • Our pop-up program

It’s tough to find ice in London – especially prime time. With our pop-up program, we will have random ice times throughout the year. When this happens, we will blast it out on email and over social media. This will provide an opportunity for on-ice training – but, like all our Snipe classes, it is convenient for your busy family calendar. Snipe Academy is all about value, and these pop-up classes will provide more to our best-value-in-hockey approach.


Submitted by Snipe Academy