Dodgeball Duels

The Undodgeables Left: Kyle Tabbernor Bottom Row (left to right): Priscilla Tabbernor, Katie Dedrick, Drew Tabbernor, Dave Sreng Top Row: Blair Keating, Brian Horvath, Joe Gullo

Make no mistake, the London Dodgeball League is filled with talented teams. But when the dust has settled over the last several seasons, two teams have consistently been at the top of the pile: Sock Shots and the Undodgeables.

“It’s been pretty even,” said Blair Keating of the Undodgeables. “We’ve both won in the final, and I’d say we’re the top two teams in the league. We actually tied for first place in points this year.”

That’s right. After a 10-week season of Sunday night games at Saunders Secondary School, the two rivals finished with identical records. And, sure enough, they ended up meeting each other again in the finals. This time, the Undodgeables needed to beat the Sock Shots twice with the double elimination format in play. They won the first match, 4-2, and took the second into sudden death overtime, but ended up losing.

“Sock Shots has got the best of us lately,” said Keating. “They have some good throwers, accurate throwers, and they try to get ball advantage. They’re definitely a patient team.”

The rivalry may be a heated one, but it’ not exactly the type of rivalry the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have in baseball.

“We’ve known each other for years, and we’re all friends and respect each other,” said Steve Hickson of the Sock Shots. “I love and also hate playing them because they’re so good and you don’t know how it’s going to end up.”

Despite both teams’ success in getting to the finals, it hasn’t been a cakewalk to get there, and the level of competition in the ‘A’ division is only getting better.

“On any given day, any teams in Pool A could beat us if we’re not on,” said Hickson. “Dick’s done an amazing job.”

‘Dick’ is Dick Price, who runs the London Dodgeball League in addition to managing the London Ball Hockey Association. Price took over the Dodgeball League when it looked like it might be in jeopardy four years ago. But Price turned it around.

“Ever since he [Price] took over, the league has grown,” said Keating. “He rearranged it and made pools [A, B, and C].”

“The camaraderie is as good as it’s ever been,” said Hickson.

That’s good news, because in February the fierce rivals will be coming together, joining forces to play in the Forest City Fight for Sight Invitational Tournament. The Sock Shots and the Undodgeables competing together? Now that will be a sight to see.
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— By SportsXpress Team