Dancing to a milestone

Dance Steps provides Londoners with the many benefits of dance (physically, mentally and emotionally) in a fun environment!

It’s a big year for Dance Steps in 2019, as the organization is celebrating 30 years of dance excellence! Londoners of all ages are enjoying the benefit of dance at the facility, which offers classes in Ballet, RAD Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical and Acro.

Heading into spring, Dance Steps is enrolling youngsters for its new Spring Preschool Session (for children aged 2 1/2 to 4 1/2), which is offered on Mondays (4:00-4:30pm) from April 1 to May 27 (8 classes for $100) or Thursdays (6:15-6:45pm) from March 28 to May 30 (10 classes for $122).

Dance Steps offers both Preschool and Adult programs in sessions, while also running full-year programs in a variety of dance disciplines from September to June – all taught by qualified instructors.

Besides being a lot of fun, dance offers many benefits (to people of all ages), especially when taught by knowledgeable instructors. For young students, dance can enhance both emotional and cognitive development, while also encouraging socialization and creativity.

Those enrolled in adult classes, meanwhile, can enjoy many of the same benefits while staying in shape while leading a busy life (studies show that adults who dance tend to improve and maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle). One of the unique aspects of Dance Steps is that it offers adult classes (including Zumba, Ballet, Tap and Jazz). The Spring session runs from April 2 to May 30 (9 weeks). For more information, including dates and fees, visit

Seniors can enjoy numerous benefits from dance, which helps improve strength and muscle function, as well as balance and flexibility – not to mention the exercise helps release endorphins, which improves mood.

A study looking at brain scans of adults in their 60s and 80s showed that dancers had less deterioration than other groups of participants. Increasing aerobic activity helps protect the brain from aging. Dance can even help improve communication and behaviour in adults with dementia.


Year-End Show

In commemorating their 30th year, Dance Steps will be presenting a special year-end show at the Grand Theatre on Sunday, June 2, entitled ‘I’d Rather be Dancing.’ The show will take place at 2:00pm and 7:00pm on the Spriet Stage.

A highly-anticipated anniversary event, Dance Steps is hoping to have past students and teachers take centre stage with current students as they showcase their talents and skills.

The two-hour show will entertain and delight the audience as dancers present ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, acro, hip hop and musical theatre numbers.

Contributions by Donna Bayley and Dance Steps