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Competing for your care

A couple of team members behind the counter at Hyde Park Care Pharmacy show off some of their favourite sports jerseys

What makes a local, independent pharmacy different than a big chain pharmacy?

  1. The Customer Service

CARE is our core value at Hyde Park Care Pharmacy. We do our best to reinforce this bond between the pharmacist and the customer. You get to know us, and we get to know you. And who doesn’t like to be known by name?!

For an independent pharmacy, it’s more personal. We know what you need, we know your family and your situation. There is a personal relationship and a foundation built on trust. You are no longer just a customer or a patient … you become part of the family.

  1. Accuracy and Knowledge

One of the common mistakes people make is purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) medication without asking the pharmacist if it might interfere or interact with current medications. For example, oral decongestants like pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) or even NSAID as ADVIL or ALEVE may increase blood pressure, which can be dangerous if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure. Believe it or not, some diets might even interact with your medication.

Now, try to recall the last time you visited a big chain pharmacy. Did you even see the pharmacist? Have you ever actually talked to them? Meanwhile, at an independent pharmacy, like Hyde Park Care Pharmacy, the pharmacist might even be the one who completes your transaction when you check out at the till!

  1. Shorter Waiting Time

We provide fast (and efficient) service. We all know that the customer does not like to wait. Depending on the number of medications that need to be filled, our waiting time is shorter by far compared to big chain pharmacies. At the same time, our pharmacists are careful, not only to dispense medication accurately, but also to check drug interaction(s), review dosages and guidelines, etc.

We don’t give you a buzzer, or give you an hour waiting time to prepare your medication. Sometimes, upon customer request, we can put your prescriptions on an automated fill system to be ready whenever they are due. We also offer free delivery!

  1. Services we Offer
  • Free flu vaccination (no appointment needed, no waiting time)
  • Free blood glucose monitoring (If you are diabetic and would like to upgrade your meter, we offer a new blood glucose meter free of charge. The new blood glucose meters that work with sensors are now covered for those who are on insulin).
  • Free compression stocking fitting (for those who are on their feet for long periods of time or for those with varicose veins).
  • Free consultation on the Ideal protein weight loss program, which is the number one program developed by a healthcare provider (and is under the direct supervision of the pharmacist to ensure safe and best results).
  • Free Medication Therapy Management (we offer different ways to help you get better compliance on your medication. For instance, our new innovative system called the smart dispenser is specifically made for people who sometimes forget to take their medications).
  1. Pricing

Big chain pharmacies would like you to believe that they are less expensive than shopping at a local independent pharmacy. But recent research has shown that the opposite is true. At our independent pharmacy, we have a controlled inventory and we always look to provide our customers with the best deal, as our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. Meanwhile, seniors that visit Hyde Park Care Pharmacy get an additional 10 percent discount on all OTC medications.

Submitted by Hyde Park Pharmacy