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Club reinvention at Fanshawe Lake

London has been a hub for rowing for decades. Canada’s senior women’s national team trains in the forest city, sending athletes to the Olympics every four years, as well as world championships and regattas all over the world. The London Rowing Club aims to keep the sport thriving in the city by encouraging, promoting and developing the sport on an ongoing basis.

In doing so, the Club offers a wide range of recreational and competitive programs to rowers of all ages and abilities. And the LRC, a non-profit organization, ensures safe and proper instruction for all who participate in the sport. With the exception of the summer coaches, the Club’s instructors (fall/winter/spring) are volunteers. In 2013, the LRC was named ROWONTARIO Club of the Year.

During the summer season, the London Rowing Club provides programs for a wide range of interested rowers. It starts with a Bantam program for kids aged 12 to 16. Learn to Row programs, as well as the ‘Taste of rowing’ and recreational offerings are for ages 16 and up, and the Club’s Masters competitive and non-competitive groups feature rowers aged 26 and up.

The LRC participates in many regattas throughout the season, including the famed Henley Regatta, and athletes from the Club regularly make it to finals of the regattas in which they compete. Unfortunately it’s been a bit of a trying time for London Rowing Club recently since the Springbank Dam broke. As a result, the Club has been rowing full-time at Fanshawe Lake. For now, the goal is to re-build the Club at that location.

Each spring the LRC holds an open house where Londoners can come visit the Club, see the boats, and try out the rowing machine and the indoor tank which simulates rowing on the water. If you’re interested in getting involved in rowing, the open house would be the place to go. Or you can visit the Club online at www.londonrowingclub.on.ca

Story submitted by SportsXpress Team, contributions by Kellye Zambon
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