Club doubles up on soccer titles

Jagiellonia Premier Men’s Team: Front Row (L to R): Cyrille Ndikizang, Victor Noguera, Zheger Hassan, Brandon Munera, Jason Wright, Cristian Devia, Matt Pizzuti, Zac Belanger. Back Row (L to R): Robert Mboko, Hanner Aleman, Klaas Stoker, Danny Breuninger, Jakub Waszkowski, Daniel Gonzalez, Scott Shewfelt, Kyle Breuninger, Steve Irish, Andrew Gravett, Roger Martinez

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Jagiellonia London, a relatively new soccer club in the city, has made a name for themselves, including topping the Western Ontario men’s soccer scene during the summer of 2019. In fact, in addition to becoming 2019 Western Ontario Soccer League (WOSL) champions, the team was also crowned MMSL League and Cup champions.

Earning the WOSL title for the second year in a row, the men’s team also went undefeated for a second consecutive season, giving them a record of 34 wins and 2 ties over the last two years. During that time, they have scored 140 goals while allowing only 14 goals in 36 games.

Meanwhile, the Jagiellonia London men’s team also reached the semi-final of the Ontario Cup competition.

At the Masters level, the Jagiellonia team won both the Middlesex Masters League and Cup titles. That marked a step up from 2018 when they finished runner-up in both league and cup competitions.

With the men’s team and Masters team capturing the WOSL and MMSL titles, respectively, Jagiellonia London became the first soccer club to have a team win both honours in the same season.

Perhaps just as impressive? The diversity of the Jagiellonia London club, as the players on both teams combined to represent a remarkable 23 countries in terms of their origins/backgrounds.

Submitted by Jagiellonia London and photos by Karen Chelladurai