Chasing our dreams of dance

Nicolas Noguera, a former Dance Steps student, is beginning his fourth and final year of dance at the prestigious school of Juilliard in New York.

For some, dance is their childhood hobby that keeps them active and engaged. But for others, it doesn’t stop there, as they hope to pursue dance as their lifelong career.

This year, Dance Steps is thrilled that two of their young dancers will be attending professional dance schools in the summer season. Caroline Derhak, age 10, will be attending the Royal Winnipeg Professional Ballet Program, and Demetria Havaris, age 16, will be attending Canada’s Ballet Jorgen in Toronto.

“I’m really excited for everything at RWB, and I’m going to bring my favourite stuffed Teddy Bear with me,” says Caroline.

In addition to the students attending professional schools for the summer, Dance Steps also has two graduating students who have chosen to pursue post-secondary dance. Hannah Raymond, age 18, will be attending York University in the fall for Dance. Diana Hong, age 18, has been accepted to Ballet Jorgen’s 2-Year Dance Performance Program.

Dance Steps is also extremely proud of its former students who continue their passion for dance today. Nicolas Noguera, a Dance Steps alumnus, is about to begin his fourth and final year of dance at the prestigious school of Juilliard in New York.

“Dance was the first thing to really show me the benefits of persistence […] and now dance has become a way for me to define my own sense of beauty,” says Nic. “Something really unique about Dance Steps that prepared me to pursue dance professionally is that they offer performance opportunities outside of just competing. I think there’s something really special about performing for the sake of sharing.”

Dance Steps is so proud of its students and can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of them. At the same time, for the studio’s other dancers who love to dance but want to remain closer to home, they will be excitedly attending Dance Steps’ summer camps and evening dance classes here in London.

Submitted by Dance Steps