Carpet bowling draws a crowd

Getting ready for a match – back row (left to right): Donna, Bruce, Brian, Dennis, Les and Elna. Seated: Carlos and Helen

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Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre

The Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre is helping older adults in the London community lead healthier, more active, and more socially-engaged lives. How? By offering a wide variety of activities and events that are fun and fulfilling. The benefits? Better health and overall wellness – physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

The Centre offers numerous programs, including fitness and exercise classes (including for people with osteoporosis), yoga, ballroom dancing, darts, shuffleboard, billiards, cards, craft programs, ceramics, and choir, to name a few. Londoners can also participate in seminars on nutrition, complementary therapies, and other wellness-related topics.

One particularly popular activity at the Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre is carpet bowling, which takes place every Thursday throughout the year. Much like outdoor lawn bowling, the name of the game is to get as many bowls closest to the jack to score the most points.

Elna Kelly is the volunteer coordinator who organizes the game at the Kiwanis Seniors’ Centre, and she’s been in charge for the last nine years. At times, Kelly may see as many as 18 players come out for carpet bowling action – playing on three different courts.

Participants say they have a lot of fun playing the game at the Seniors’ Centre, as it provides the opportunity both to get some exercise and to enjoy a social outing. What are some of the keys to the game? Since the ball is weighted on one side, it curls after it is thrown, and this needs to be taken into account. Players say that balance and weight control when throwing is important, as is accuracy, of course. And finally, it’s important to have patience when trying to score.

Contributions by Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre