Busy offseason in the community

It may be the offseason, but the Komoka Kings are still busy, as the players have been out in the community, showing their support for various programs – including Camp Day at Tim Hortons, where they volunteered for the day.

The Komoka Kings remain active in the community even after the final whistle of the season.

Recently, two of the team’s players pitched in on Tim Hortons Camp Day on Wednesday, June 5th at the Komoka Tim’s, owned by Erik Stoyanovich, to show the Kings’ support for the community and for the Camp Day program.

The Camps support kids from disadvantaged circumstances (between ages 12 to 16) at a time in their lives when they are determining who they will become as adults. The Tim Hortons program teaches these kids skills like leadership, resilience and responsibility, allowing them to believe in their own potential and change their stories for the better.

This is much in the same way that a hockey team, like the Komoka Kings, does in the offseason, improving their skills and bolstering their ranks to not only improve upon the stories of each player, but also improve the team as a whole.

The Komoka Kings have acquired, thus far, two new players for the upcoming season – Christian Kyrou from Komoka and Will Lewis from London.

“The team is still in a state of flux as we reshape, rebuild and retool the roster and the Kings’ organization and build upon our success this past season, which included a phenomenal playoff run for the Komoka Kings,” said owner and GM Roop Chanderdat. “Getting better on the ice and behind the scenes will provide a more exciting and involved fan experience.”

Off the ice, meanwhile, the team is also getting more active.

“We are planning on being more involved in many more community events during the summer months to raise awareness that we have a top-drawer Junior B team in the heart of Komoka and that we’d love to have more fan support at our games,” said  Don Adams, the Kings’ sponsorship, events and volunteer coordinator. “The Komoka Kings organization is proud to be a part of the community, and we hope our efforts show that we are here to stay for years to come. To do that, we need fans in the stands at all of our games.

“During the season we will have a number of events, for the entire family, promoting various community programs that will run in tandem during our home games. It’s definitely going to be an exciting season for the Kings and for the community.”

Submitted by Komoka Kings