Mixed Martial Arts

Athletes adapt, continue training hard

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Family Karate Competition Team adapted to the challenges, and its athletes continued to train at home – thanks to virtual coaching and classes.

The last few months have been strange for a lot of athletes – without the proper facilities and equipment to practice at home. Luckily, the Family Karate Competition Team has been very keen on keeping up with their skills and finding new and unique ways to train within their own homes. Two of the team’s coaches, Jake Lindsay and Nathan Parker, started posting workouts and drills for the team to use as motivation and to give them a way to focus on certain strengths or disciplines.

After almost six weeks into quarantine, the team began running Zoom classes from their homes. Every Wednesday evening, the coaches would lead the team through a live workout while focusing on drills to improve their power and speed as they worked with their teammates for the first time in almost two months. These classes continued for another few weeks, leading into the end of May, with nearly 20 of our competitive students doing the class every week.

The work ethic shown over the last 12 weeks has been incredible, as many of the coaches and parents have been extremely impressed with the opportunity these team members have seized on to continue their training and making sure that they don’t miss a beat for the tournament season – which will hopefully resume in 2021.


Submitted by Family Karate Centres