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Matt Sanchez (left) with brothers John and Chris

NeuroChangers has come to London. In fact, upon opening in September 2018, the facility became the first and only physiotherapy clinic located in the Western Fair Sports Centre. Since opening, the clinic has been serving the rehabilitation needs of Londoners (with services including laser therapy, acupuncture, sports rehab, and more), and has also been working with participants of the Academy of Student Athlete Development, which operates in conjunction with the Thames Valley District School Board. Additionally, the clinic has partnered with the London Nationals to provide physiotherapy and concussion management care.


What is NeuroChangers? First and foremost, the company, which was founded in 2010, specializes in rehabilitation for people living with the effects of complex neurological and/or orthopaedic injuries and illness. Through a combination of expert Physiotherapists, Adaptive Fitness Trainers, and specialized rehabilitative equipment, NeuroChangers can work with any level of neurological or orthopaedic injury.

There are four locations, with London being the newest addition to the NeuroChangers community (the others are in Toronto, Whitby and Durham). Why the Western Fair Sports Centre?

“We have strategically placed our clinics in sports complexes and aligned ourselves with elite partners so that we may always provide the most advanced rehabilitation possible – for the elite athlete, the weekend warrior, and the non-athlete looking to stay active,” says Matt Sanchez, who is a clinic director and owner of NeuroChangers. “We utilize the latest research to determine the best plan of care and implement the newest technologies to optimize recovery.”

The London location is focused primarily on helping people return to sport/work/daily function post-injury and optimize their performance. Mari Udarbe is the clinic director in London. She is a registered physiotherapist and a graduate of the School of Medical Rehabilitation at the University of Manitoba (2011)

“I am an advocate for movement as therapy and as a way of life,” says Udarbe. “Engaging the public in movement is important, especially in increasing awareness about the benefits of physiotherapy and injury prevention.”

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Contributions by Matt Sanchez & Mari Udarbe