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Our Programs Go Above And Beyond

Whether you want to reach a national, regional or local audience, a SportsXpress sponsorship program can be designed to meet your specific needs and target audience. Our unique and integrated programs incorporate both physical and digital touchpoints all focused on the community sports fan – ensuring your branded message not only gets delivered to – but resonates with – your target market.


SportsXpress offers a wide range of customized products and services including:

  • Brand Based Content
  • Product Reviews
  • Custom Advertorials
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Online Campaigns


Sports is a universal language, bringing together people of all ages, races, cultures, and religions to interact, cheer on and celebrate.

Whether you are participating as a fan, a volunteer, a worker, or a player, sports forges a powerful presence in our lives. There are hundreds of tournaments and sporting events taking place in different communities throughout the year.

SportsXpress offers marketers the opportunity to reach sports fans through on-site sampling programs, surveys, and contests.

Why Sports Marketing?

Research shows that participation, volunteerism and attendance at community sporting events is highly connected to families, higher education, and higher incomes (Source: Conference Board of Canada 2005, Strengthening Canada — The Socioeconomic Benefits of Sports Participation in Canada).

Organized sports communities are highly committed and extremely passionate about their sports. This unique and substantial market segment is based on a lifestyle that shares a deep common interest — their passion for the local sports scene!

Research shows that there is a very strong likelihood that participants, volunteers and attendees at organized community sporting events are from upper income families. The likelihood of participation is 5 times greater from $100,000+ households than from households earning $20,000 or less!


SportsXpress reaches families — with higher education and higher incomes. Reach PRIME CONSUMERS where they PLAY and make your brand top-of-mind!