Activities aplenty at Seniors’ Centre

There are lots of new activities being offered at the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre (including darts!), which continues to evolve as new members join

Change is a good thing, and members of the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre (HSSC) can attest to that. The recreational facility, which operates out of the Boys & Girls (BGC) of London and serves adults aged 55 years and up, is filled with fun and engaging activities and events for Londoners – many of which are new to the Centre.

There are popular new social groups, for instance, including yoga, zumba, tap dancing, music, drama, darts and chair hockey, among others. In other words, the Centre isn’t just about bingo and cards (although those fun activities are still on offer!). But the face of the Centre is changing as new members continue to join, and the activities are always evolving.

The Horton Street Seniors’ Centre has around 300 members, and the Club’s ‘extended family’ has increased to more than 1,400 members. The Centre is open during weekdays, and activities are scheduled between 7am and 3pm. The selection is vast, including recreational activities, aquatics programs and fitness programs, in addition to special events, luncheons and day trips.

Members of the Centre have access to recreational programs like … art classes, crafts, book club, knitting, quilting, wood carving and singing. Interested in fitness activities? There’s badminton, carpetball, line dancing, pickleball, ping pong and Tai Chi – not to mention the fully-equipped fitness room which is staffed by a certified coordinator with more than 20 years of experience.

Into aquatics? There are plenty of opportunities to get in the water – for both recreational and fitness swims – throughout the week. Aquatic exercise classes are held daily. The Aquaplex Pool is 25 metres in length, has six lanes, and is fully accessible. The Wellness Pool is a therapy pool with water jets that is also full accessible. Gentle Fit classes are held in that pool for members looking to improve their balance, strength and mobility.

Perhaps the best part about the HSSC? It’s affordable. Membership is based on income (and starts as low as $75 per year). A parking pass costs $40 per calendar year. Meanwhile, a visitors fee is $3 per day (including parking), which allows access to activity programs and afternoon open swim. And an activity pass is $35 per year, which allows access to one regular program per week (pool programs and fitness room not included).

In other words, it’s all there at the Horton Street Seniors’ Centre, where seniors have the opportunity to enjoy affordable recreational and social events, helping optimized their health along the way!

By SportsXpress Team