A trending call for cheer

Cheer athletes across Canada, including from the talented CheerStrike Royals program, spoke up in support of the sport recently, using the hashtag #cheerismysport to celebrate the many positive features of the sport – and the many skills required to participate in cheer.

While the Royal Family of cheer was isolated from their home away from home (the CheerStrike gym), we used social media to let the world know that #cheerismysport.

After being denied access to return to training, because we are not funded by Sport Canada, our families wanted to make it clear that Cheer is a sport! It’s a sport that takes athletic talent and skill, mental focus and resilience, and long term commitment to training and development. And it is highly competitive all throughout the world.

The hashtag, started by the Reid family, caught on, and soon athletes from all over Canada were posting in support of #cheerismysport. The direct comparison was with competitive gymnasts, who were allowed to get back to training in phase one of the reopening in Ontario. We wanted the government to know that competitive cheer athletes deserved that same opportunity; to get back to the sport they love and get back into competitive shape.

Cheer is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, which is why it’s now recognized by the IOC as a provisional Olympic sport. Why is cheer the sport kids are choosing? Because it combines three amazing features: challenging athletic skill, teamwork and bonding, and performance. For these reasons, and so many more, #cheerismysport is the call to action for athletes to fight the outdated stereotypes and be representatives of the future of cheer.

Cheer is worldwide, it is competitive, and it is undoubtedly sport. Interested in joining the Royal Family for Season 8? Email us today at info@cheerstrikeroyals.com.


Submitted by CheerStrike