A growing partnership

Two well-known local London businesses were brought together in 2018 for a partnership like no other.

The partnership between Dance Extreme and Scholar’s Choice was born out of a shared love of dance between Cindy and Scott Webster’s daughter, Ashley, and Studio Director Rebecca Brettingham. Little did they realize, they have more in common as company visionaries than they realized.

While both companies’ mission statements differ, each focuses on supporting the growth of the child and both Scholar’s Choice and Dance Extreme share the goal to inspire children as they develop. While the focus at Dance Extreme is on children learning to love the art of dance (through quality dance instruction), its educational philosophy focuses on much more than just dance.

“At Dance Extreme, dance is so much more than just dance. We believe in helping to grow and shape children as dancers and as individuals by fostering life skills that they’ll have for the rest of their lives.”

Scholar’s Choice shares a like-minded vision where their goal is “To give every child a reason to love learning so they can achieve their hopes and dreams.”

Scholar’s Choice chose to sponsor Dance Extreme Dance Camps by providing quality art materials for the children to use to create daily themed artworks while enjoying their dance camp experience. Dance Extreme plays host to a full complement of Summer Dance Camps, Tween Camps (special weeks geared to pre-teenaged children), March Break and Holiday Camps.

The partnership between Scholar’s Choice and Dance Extreme is well-matched. When asked, both Founder and Studio Director, Rebecca Brettingham-Filice, and CEO of Scholar’s Choice, Scott Webster, agreed on similar components of their businesses.

Said Brettingham-Filice: “At Dance Extreme, dance isn’t just about dance. It helps with building confidence and self-esteem. We pride ourselves on teaching all our students lessons they will carry with them always.”

Webster (also a former Dance Dad), meanwhile, states: “Dance provides children with infinite opportunities to express themselves and allows them to gain confidence in who they are while developing social-emotional skills. These are important aspects of the Playful Learning Approach advocated by Scholar’s Choice as essential ingredients for your child to grow and develop, and ultimately to achieve their hopes and dreams! We are glad that Dance Extreme shares the same passion.”

Dance Extreme thanks Scholar’s Choice for its sponsorship and commitment to providing quality programming for children. If you would like to learn more about Dance Extreme’s summer programs, please visit their website at And if you’re looking for educational toys and teaching materials, visit

Submitted by Richelle Hirlehey