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A brief history…

The Little Gym of London successfully incorporates all the vital aspects of the child-focused organization, which was founded in 1976. The result is a great group of instructors who help children learn and develop – with the help of sports like gymnastics – as they grow to become successful and happy adults.

With locations in over 30 countries, The Little Gym is the world’s premier experiential learning and physical development franchise for children aged four months through 12 years. For over 40 years, trained instructors have nurtured happy, confident kids through a range of programs including parent/child classes, gymnastics, karate, dance and sports skills development, plus enjoyable extras like Camps, Parentsʼ Survival Nights and Awesome Birthday Bashes. Each week, progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment create opportunities for children to try new things and build self-confidence – all with a grin on their face that stretches from ear to ear.

The Little Gym was founded by Robin Wes, an educator, musician and kinesiologist. Growing up in South Africa, he was dismayed seeing children treated as if they should be seen and not heard, and that they didn’t matter until they were older. As a teacher, he was instructed to control his students by fear and force. As a gymnast, he observed children being pushed into competitive sports at a young age where the emphasis seemed to be solely on winning, which created an environment for which they weren’t ready – and which took an emotional toll on these aspiring athletes.

After moving to North America and starting a family, Robin opened the first The Little Gym in 1976 in Bellevue, Washington, which is still in operation today. He infused those early classes with a positive, non-competitive spirit that characterizes us today. Forty years later, children in 400 locations worldwide (including nine in Canada, with two more opening soon) experience the Serious Fun of The Little Gym.

Curriculum is centred on teaching both physical skills of sports along with cognitive and social skills for life in a fun way. We accept kids for who they are, while challenging them to try new things to open them up to be the best they can be in the future.

The Little Gym of London, owned by Ed and Mari Hughes and managed by Erin Hagglund and an awesome team of instructors, is located in Sherwood Forest Mall at Wonderland & Gainsborough (west entrance). We would love for you to stop by, visit our website at, or call us at 519-642-0660. Currently, we are in our 9-week summer session, and our school-year season starts on September 7. We hope to see you soon!

Submitted by The Little Gym of London