20 years of Dance Extreme!

Since 1997, Dance Extreme has been trusted by families to educate and inspire children. In our studio, dancers learn about dedication, hard work, being a team player, time management, self-esteem, problem-solving, respect, confidence and so much more.

Twenty years ago, Rebecca Brettingham-Filice pursued her dream of opening a dance studio when she began to offer dance classes in both St. Thomas and Dorchester. While pursuing her Political Science degree, her dream of Dance Extreme was born through her nightly commute to the outskirts of London.

“Dance isn’t just about dance, it helps with building confidence and self-esteem,” said Brettingham-Filice. “We pride ourselves on teaching all our students lessons that they will carry with them always.”

Dance Extreme celebrates the 20th Anniversary with our 2018 Recital Performances. Dance Extreme has long been a part of the London community through performing at local events, providing donations to local schools and community groups for their fundraising efforts, and teaching dance to school-aged children through various events in London and the surrounding area. Notable performances over the years include performing in 2001 at the Ontario Summer Games at TD Waterhouse Stadium, The London International Children’s Festival in 2009, and a memorable performance in London, England for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.

We moved into our first location at 312 Commissioners Rd. West, starting out with only two studios, before moving to our new location at 725 Notre Dame Drive, which hosts six studios, a large family kitchen, and a birthday party/art room. Along the way, we have grown our family and continue to witness milestones, successes, and growth on a daily basis.

We are so grateful that so many of our students have grown into being teachers who share their love of dance now at Dance Extreme with their students. Dance Extreme is thrilled to have played such an integral part in many people’s lives. We invite you to join us in celebration at our 2018 Recital – Now & Then – at the Grand Theatre on June 9 & 10, 2018.

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By Richelle Hirlehey