Rev up your workout

The REVKIDS program is a great way to get kids familiar with high intensity training and weight lifting, but without moving weights. And every week the kids learn a new skill!

REV3K offers a number of programs, but one you might not know about is a fun program called REVKIDS! Which is offered to kids aged 7 to 11. By the end of the program, some of these kids are in better shape than our Owner/Trainer, Lieja Koeman!

Koeman, who implemented REVKIDS, has created a circuit similar to the circuits that REV3K runs for its adults. Examples of the types of exercises the kids are doing include: plate pushes, air squats, box jumps, suicides, thrusters, and deadlifts. Every week the kids learn a new skill, and by the end of the class they are sweating buckets! REVKIDS is a great way to get kids familiar with the early stages of high intensity training and weight lifting without moving weights. New sessions will be starting after March break in 2017!

The Biggest Loser is another successful weight-loss program run by REV3K. An intense 13-week program, Biggest Loser is a great way to start you on the right path to total body fitness.

Expect a rigorous workout plan and a nutritionist-designed diet that will fill you up while still losing pounds and inches. Each week your biggest loser team will meet up for a check-in and weigh-in, with past program ambassadors offering to guide you along the path of success.

Here’s a snapshot of what the program offers:

  • 13-week program
  • Focused on weight-loss
  • USANA reset kit & full nutrition plan
  • Unlimited gym & class access
  • Weekly check-in class
  • 1-on-1 coaching

Biggest Loser will be starting up again in January of 2017!

If you have any questions, please call us at 519-474-2871 or email us at

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