Rock Climbing

It’s time to climb!

More than 1,000 Londoners have already taken the belay course at the Junction Climbing Centre

So you’ve decided to try climbing! An image is in your mind of standing above the ground, gracefully clinging to a soaring wall. There’s a rope, of course … wait, who’s holding the rope?

In climbing, your rope safety system is called a ‘belay,’ the person operating the rope a ‘belayer,’ and the act of controlling it ‘belaying.’ There are several types of belay. The most popular and common is called a Top-rope Belay.

Many people are intimidated by the thought of being a belayer, fearing complicated knots or not being strong enough. But, in fact, belaying is a simple, easily mastered skill that can be learned in a couple of hours.

More than a thousand Londoners have now taken our belay class at Junction Climbing, and are coming out to enjoy climbing on Junction’s 40 top-rope climbs. Classes are $55, with a 10% discount when booked with a partner. You’ll learn the knot, harnessing, and rope skills necessary to keep yourself and your partner safe throughout the climb. Participants in the class are given a two-week membership to the Junction to come back and try out their new skills.

The top-rope belay class has been popular with parents looking to bring their kids, as it allows them to support and be involved in their child’s climbing in a meaningful way. Youth aged 13 and over can learn, and this gives siblings a greater opportunity to work together. The belayer-climber relationship is the foundation of climbing’s social, supportive quality. Belayers do not need to be at the same size or skill of their climbing partner.

If you’re thinking about getting deeper into climbing, or if you have kids who would like to, you can book a belay lesson today by emailing:

Story submitted by Junction Climbing Centre