Junior Mustangs 2013 coaching staffs

Stacked with CIS and ex-CIS Players and HS coaches

By London Jr. Mustangs. Photos by Snap Shot Photography

The success of our program lies in the strong partnership we have built with the Western Mustangs football program and head coach Greg Marshall. He has been a staunch supporter and continues to be an integral component working with us in suggesting names of former Western players for our program and supporting coaching clinics that directly influence the high level of coaching experience we enjoy throughout all five teams. In addi- tion to the many Western players on our coaching staffs, we are fortunate to have former CIS players from other University teams as well as several London High School coaches representing some of the best football programs in the city.

Because we seek out partners who share our vision, cooperative spirit and sense of how crucial it is to recognize what is important for the future growth of football in London, we are able to develop coaches that are knowledgeable and fully committed to the growth of our play- ers; not only as football players, but as people. That we have enjoyed the level of success that we have in such a short time is a testament to the way we treat others and build strong community relation- ships. As we grow, we will only continue to gain strength with the groups and individuals we will be able to attract due to the way we treat and respect all those who become a part of our growing family.



HC: Chris Bertoia; Waterloo; 2012 OVFL Coach of the Year, Western O-Line coach

OC: Jordan Haylor; Western; Banting HS

OL: Dave Ford; MacMaster; STA HS

RB: Ben Schalk; STA HS

WR: Ryan Clutterbuck; Western;

London Beefeaters

DB: Justin Suey; Ottawa, Banting HS

ST: Darryl Wheeler; Western

Junior Varsity

HC/OC: Jean-Paul Circelli; MacMaster; CCH HS

QB: Luke Thompson; Laurier

DC/LB: Adrian Kaiser; Western; CCH HS

OL: Joe Circelli; Western; CCH HS

DL: Rob Hennessey; Western

WR: Chris Patton; MacMaster; Western DB: Austin Scarpelli; Oakridge HS

ST: Darryl Wheeler; Western


HC/WR: Vince Zvonkin; CFL; Ottawa

OC: Greg Wilson; Western

QB: Will Finch; Western

DL: Grant MacDonald; Guelph

LB: John Murray; Western

DB: Malcolm Brown; Western


HC: Ryan Hessel OC/QB: Chris Hessel; Western



David Hocking; 2012 NFL Canadian Youth Coach of the Year; JP II HS


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